Hello and welcome to my website:

I am a Professional Chef with 34 years of experience. I was born in Naples and in this city, I studied and graduated from the Hotel school. I consider myself a creative chef giving emotions through food, always seeking the highest quality, freshness and taste, enhancing the genuineness and goodness of the raw materials.

The passion for food, emotions, memories is linked to Neapolitan traditions and to my grandmother figure, who devoted time and love to cooking, involving the whole family in the preparation of dishes.

My curiosity, the desire to learn and to know new flavours have then taken me far from Naples, to Stuttgart, Paris, Los Angeles, places where I have developed human and professional experiences that allow me to face and solve unexpected situations that can happen in the working environment.

I recently got my diploma from Sommelier at the Fondazione Italiana Sommelier-Umbria-Foligno, I’m very interested in food-wine pairing.

I am fond of gardening, I call myself a collector of rare plants and flowers that I personally grow in my garden. The herbs and organic fruit of my orchard can not miss in my kitchen.

Over the years I have attended numerous specialization courses in the best schools of haute cuisine including the Academy of Culinary Art at Boscolo Etoile and the City of Taste of Gambero Rosso in Rome.

I decided to travel around the world, to share and pass on my passion for food, bringing all my experience and love for good food directly to your home or your company.